Black Diamond North Auto Tour

Black Diamond North Route

Black Diamond North Auto Tour route from Logan borrows from Ohio Windy 9 Black Diamond route. The route is about 56 miles in distance, and travels through Wayne National Forest in the southern part, and rolling agricultural areas in the north. Furthermore, it features some notable roller coaster road sections and fun high speed curves especially along State Route 93 from New Straitsville to Webb Summit. There are some interesting stops along the way.

Gazebo at Thomas Worthington Park

Black Diamond North Route from Logan starts in downtown Logan, Ohio at the Worthington Park located at the southwest corner of Main St and Market St. To begin, proceed east on Main St. one block and turn left onto Mulberry St, State Route 93. 93 then turns immediately right on Hunter before veering off the the left on Zanesville Rd. After that follow State Route 93 North out of town to Webb Summit. Just beyond Webb Summit, turn left on State Route 668.

State Route 668 North from SR 93 presents some challenging sections of road with hills and curves not for the faint of heart! All of a sudden this 10.4 mile section to Junction City demands drivers’ full attention. Upon reaching State Route 37 in Junction City, turn left and follow 37 for 0.8 miles, then turn right at 668 and proceed north for about 6 miles to Somerset. This section contains the largest roller coaster road hills section of the entire tour.


Upon entering Somerset, turn right at the stop sign on US Route 22. Proceed one block to the town square then turn right on State Route 13 South. There are some interesting businesses and buildings near the center part of Somerset. Perhaps a brief walking tour would be in order? One short block south of the Somerset square is an Ohio Historical Marker for General Philip Henry Sheridan who grew up in Somerset. Several eateries and the Somerset Library are located within a block of the Somerset square in the central business district.

Continuing the Black Diamond North Auto Tour, proceed southeast on State Route 13 through rolling agricultural countryside for 9 miles to New Lexington, Ohio. Upon entering New Lexington, find a Dairy Queen on the left where 13 also turns left and shares the route with State Route 37 East. New Lexington presents many route signs and turns. After several turns, be alert for the State Route 93 right turn just beyond the central business district. Leave 13 and proceed south on 93.


Within 2 miles from leaving New Lexington, re-enter the Wayne National Forest. Travel an additional 7 miles and arrive at Shawnee, Ohio. Shawnee is home to the the Buckeye Trail headquarters, as well as the Black Diamond Tavern. Give consideration to stopping in Shawnee to visit both, as well as paying a visit to the Shawnee town chickens free ranging in and around the public green space next to the Black Diamond Tavern. Just south of the intersection of 93 and State Route 155, find on the left the entrance to Tecumsey Lake. This is a great place to take a hike!

Proceeding south on 93 from Shawnee, arrive in New Straitsville after 2.5 miles. Follow 93 south from New Straitsville back towards Logan. The section of 93 from outside New Straitsville to Webb Summit has the best high speed curves as the highway follows the Monday Creek valley. Arrive back in Logan in 12 miles.

Map of Black Diamond North Auto Tour route
Black Diamond North Tour Map