Big Pine Loop

Over my lifetime I have traveled many roads around my beautiful county. Now that I have the chance to share these roads, I think it is only reasonable to point others to some of the best roads and routes to tour in Hocking County. This specific loop I have thought up, isn’t a very difficult or little-known route. In fact, it uses some very well-traveled state routes and county roads that are smooth sailing but also very beautiful. I call it the Big Pine loop, since the road most traveled its Big Pine Road, which is one of the prettiest roads in Hocking County according to

Jeep at Lake Logan Dam

Cruise Through Beautiful Hemlock Groves

The Big Pine loop in total is 40 miles long and will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Starting out this circuit, I pulled into the Lake Logan Dam and took in the streaming water, though I didn’t stay long, due to quite a cold rain coming down. Turning right out of the lot I traveled down State Route 664 South for about 3.5 miles, then I took another right onto Big Pine Road. Once on the county road I cruised through beautiful hemlock groves, skirted the bottom of sheer cliff faces and dipped in and out of great turns and corners.

There are a few points that might be a bit confusing, be sure to keep left at the intersection of Big Pine and Kreashbaum road (the signs are a little confusing). Also, when the intersection of Big Pine and State Route 374 is reached, continue straight. At mile 17, Big Pine Road dead ends into State Route 56, turning left, I continued to South Bloomingville. Once in town, I kept straight at the intersection, this led me down State Route 664 North, this section of road is also part of the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway, which we have an article on. This highway will stretch past Old Man’s Cave and back into Logan.

Interest Along the Way

Some points of interest that may be worth stopping at is of course Lake Logan Dam, also at mile 10.5 Conkle’s Hallow State Nature Preserve is off to the right, just before the State Route 374 intersection. In South Bloomingville there is a gas station, a Hunts Brother’s Pizza shop and also there is JimBo’s Burgers and Beer. Continuing on down State Route 664 is Grandma Faye’s Grocery off to the left. As mention around mile 28 Old Man’s Cave will be on the right.

Conkles Hollow Sign

Turns and Mileage

Start at Lake Logan Dam
Turn Right out of the parking lot onto SR 664 S.
Continue for 3.5 miles
Turn Right onto Big Pine Road
Keep left at mile 7.9 (away from Kreashbaum Road)
At mile 10.5 Conkle’s Hollow is on the Right
At mile 10.8 Continue Straight on Big Pine Road
Continue for 7 miles
Turn Left at mile 17.7 onto SR 56
Continue for 5 miles on SR 56
Keep straight at mile 22.9 onto SR 664 N (the intersection of South Bloomingville)
At mile 25.9 Keep Right to stay on SR 664/SR 374
At mile 28 Old Man’s Cave will be on the Right
Continue for 12 miles back to Logan