Back Roads from Lake Logan to Old Mans Cave

The route in this article is a point-to-point drive from the marina of Lake Logan to the parking lot of Old Man’s Cave. With Fall here it is time to find some nice roads to drive. These back roads from Lake Logan to Old Mans Cave have some crazy corners, a large variety of road surfaces, and narrow lanes. It is not meant for a sports cars or pavement princesses. The beautiful variety of scenery is something to behold. Starting at the water’s edge and transforming into scenes of gorgeous hemlock trees, this route won’t disappoint.

Ruby the Wrangler at the Lake Logan Marina
Ruby at the Lake Logan Marina

Lake Logan Road to Wildcat Hollow

We start the route at the Lake Logan Marina on Lake Logan Rd. Lake Logan Marina rents pontoon boats, peddle boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. Once on Lake Logan Road, drivers will get good views of the lake. In the immediate area are the beach and various pullouts and fishing points. Another feature on our route in the vicinity of Lake Logan is Wildcat Hollow Road. Said to be one of the most beautiful roads in Hocking County. calls Wildcat Hollow Road one of the most beautiful roads in Hocking County.

Rocky Fork Road

Proceeding on our route we find another beautiful and unique road in the area; Rocky Fork Road. This chip ‘n seal one lane township road has some crazy corners and beautiful forested overhangs. It is no doubt one of the prettiest and most interesting roads I’ve driven in the area. For the most part there isn’t a lot of traffic. While most definitely not a faster way to the caves, it is much quieter than the highway or other major county roads. Check out other awesome regional gravel roads in an article about the Zaleski State Forest Roads.

A view form inside Ruby at the beautiful bluffs of Wildcat Hollow Road.
Wildcat Hollow Road

Hard Times for the GPS

This route will place drivers almost directly across State Route 664 from the parking lot of Old Man’s Cave, with a right turn then a left into the lot directly after. Some of these turns and corners can be a bit confusing. The GPS has a hard time at moments, with times when it wants to turn drivers down a road that doesn’t exist, before it then quickly recalculates. The Back Roads from Lake Logan to the Old Mans Cave has been marked on Google Maps and a link is included below. In order to properly track the route, stops were pinned along the way. These locations are not actual places to stop. For the most part, the roads adjoin private property. Just click “continue” when reaching one of these stops in order to proceed along the route.

Have Fun and Get Off the Beaten Path

Overall, this is a fun drive and a great way to get off the beaten path and into the real hills of Hocking County. Remember to enjoy every part of vacationing when in the Hocking Hills. There is more than just caves to see and highways to drive. There is a whole other side of the region that even locals may not know. And some I am sure I have yet to find! Hocking Hills Topless Rental is here to help you have fun and get out and “Enjoy Nature Topless!”

Link to: Back Roads From Lake Logan to Old Man’s Cave