Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway is a great location for driving. However there in no compilation of roads and routes that can be recommended to people who wish to tour the beautiful Hocking Hills Region. Here at Hocking Hills Topless Rentals, we are all about awesome drives and beautiful scenery. Whether it’s a sports car rental or Jeep rental, there is a road for the driver and a car for the road. Look for a compilation of great drives in the Hocking Hills Region here!

Great Drive Just Off US 33

To start off our compilation of roads to experience in the Hocking Hills, we will talk about the well-known, and spoken about Hocking Hills Scenic Byway. This relatively short drive starts in Rockbridge, Ohio. Here, State Route 374 dead ends into US Route 33. OH-374 is a beautiful, well-maintained, two-lane road. It expresses itself with fun turns, great views and Hocking Hills State Park. One of the Parks, about 6 miles into the drive, mentioned is Cantwell Cliffs. It is a relatively small park with some very picturesque locations and steep trails. Don’t wander off trails.


Shortly after Cantwell Cliffs, OH-374 merges with State Route 180. It turns right and heads down into the valley. Drivers will be required to take a few turns that will bring them close to glorious cliff faces. Continuing down the highway for about another 4 miles, State Route 374 will split away from OH-180 at Mound Crossing. Eventually the road gives way from rolling plains back into State Forests.

Rock House, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave

Soon the unique, Rock House will be off to the left of the road. This park is the only proper cave in the Hocking Hills, with a corridor halfway down the side of a hill face. Drivers will pass the state park headquarters and at around mile 20, drivers will turn left on to State Route 664 toward Old Man’s Cave. Once past Old Man’s Cave, (about mile 22) S.R. 374 will once again break off and turns right to head through a wonderful over-hill hemlock forest and around to Cedar Falls.

At mile 26 tourists will turn right at the junction of S.R. 374 and Rt. 56, just after the turn will be Ash Cave, another beautiful park in the region. Most information found about the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway says the drive stops at the junction of 374 and 56. However, in further investigation, I noticed that they recently extended the drive further down State Route 56 and through the cool and dark valley. After a few miles of great curves, 56 will again meet with 664 in the small town of South Bloomingville, turning right again send drivers right back towards Old Man’s Cave and eventually Logan.