State Route 56

With a beautiful, long weekend this Memorial Day, the Sun shining, blue skies and mild weather. It was only fitting to get out and enjoy the Land of the Free. With a last-minute plan of driving State Route 56, the family set out in the Corvette and on motorcycle. We started by cutting down State Route 328. S.R. 328 is quite a nice highway in itself with a great assortment of turns. Soon we merged with State route 56, and took a right to travel toward the west. Shade from the overhanging trees kept the sun at bay. Traveling further down the road, the highway will intersect with State Route 93. State Route 93 bridges the towns of Logan and McArthur. Crossing and continuing west will bring drivers into the Hocking Hills Region and eventually into Laurelville. To read more about driving further northwest, check out our articles on the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway and Big Pine Loop.

corvette driver POV of State Route 56

A Search For Lunch

On our cruising, we decided to go to McArthur, rather than continuing to Laurelville, for ice cream at Main Eatery. To our disappointment they were closed for the holiday. Since we had to find an alternative, our sights were then set for Athens and Larry’s Dawg House, which we traveled US Route 50 to get to. This is a great road as well, with a variety of scenery, from farm land to rock faces, to overhanging trees. Wide, smooth roads for cruising made for a great ride. Taking some side roads to avoid four lane highways, we weaved our way to the Dawg House.

Back To Route 56

After a good lunch we jumped back onto State Route 56 to head home. Through trees and across grasslands, there were some very picturesque scenes to see. My brother and I were intrigued by the old farm homes that we occasionally passed on the trip. With their grand porches and old sandstone foundations, these old houses had style that not many, if any new homes really could achieve. There were many vehicles out enjoying the day. Apart from us we saw many Jeep Wranglers, motorcycles. We even saw another Corvette, which I thought we would see more of, but surprisingly there was only the one.

Corvette and Motorcycle

Get On The Road and Cruise 56

So many of the roads in and around the Hocking Hills are full of sights and adventure. No matter the road, there is always fun to have while cruising in the hills with friends and family. State Route 56 and US Route 50 really are no different. Great roads with easy riding, relatively quiet, especially when keeping to the south (although it isn’t quite as nice of views compared to the Hocking Hills Region to the north). Over all it’s a drive that is worth taking maybe if the driver wants to drive from a cabin in the Hills down to Athens or McArthur. As always, don’t be afraid to explore and discover roads of your own, just be sure to let us know when you’re ready to get out there and ‘Enjoy Nature Topless.’