The Hocking Hills Nipper

The Hocking Hills Nipper is part of the Ohio Windy 9. This is a collection of self-guided motorcycle circuits centered around Athens, Ohio. Also, these roads are great for auto touring. Hocking Hills Topless Rentals takes interest in all fun driving roads. Even if they are catered to other vehicles. If you are going to have fun, then we want you to know about it! Plus, motorcycles are the ultimate Topless vehicles. We and the Windy 9 are meant to be together.

The Hocking Hills Nipper roads are known best for their scenery, cornering and smooth, open roads; much like the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway discussed last month. As the name suggests, there are 9 drives to choose from. However, we plan to only talk about the Hocking Hills Nipper in this article since it is based around the Hocking Hills region. We will visit other Windy 9 circuits later.

The Hocking Hills Nibbler consists of many roads that are great for driving; State Route 56, a stretch of Highway US 33; and State Route 664, The route also holds State Route 595 and 216, beautiful roads in Wayne National Forest. There are multiple small towns along the way as well, like New Straitsville, Chauncy, and South Bloomingville as well as Logan and Athens might be able to aid in a need for fuel or food, if the need arises. Athens, Ohio, home to Ohio University is also home to some great eateries and micro-breweries like Little Fish and Jackie O’s.

Lunch in Athens, Ohio touring The Hocking Hills Nipper

The Hocking Hills Nibbler is a 92-mile route in full, which should take around 2+ hours to tour at average speeds with no pit stops or sightseeing. However, as stated earlier, it is highly recommended to check out Athens and what the city has to offer. The Windy 9 has great support, with a beautiful website and a way to request maps, or download them as a pdf. Check out their website at for directions and maps.

The Hocking Hills Nibbler is a beautiful drive and is likely to be enjoyed by all drivers. Remember to check it out the next time you’re on holiday in the Hocking Hills; and to really get a full experience, ride with the top down in a Corvette rental or Jeep rental at Hocking Hills Topless Rentals. As always, be sure to Enjoy Nature Topless!